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I have been a dedicated Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Member since 2013. As a technology advocate, I have attended MACUL for six years and have had the pleasure at presenting at three MACUL events in the two last years.  In 2019, I accepted a Learning Delegate position with the MACUL Board. I am happy to serve on the "Technology for All" Team!

I have enjoyed presenting several different topics at the MACUL conference. My presentation sessions have included, Assistive Technology for All Learners, 20+ Tech Tool to use Tomorrow, Blended Math Instruction. Recently I have expanded my MACUL involvement and experience by joining the SIG-INC (Inclusive Learning) organization and contributing to the online MACUL Community as a published author.

MACUL 2017 - MACUL Community Author 

MACUL 2018 - Breaking Barriers -- Assistive Learning for All Students

GoogleFEST 2018 - Assistive Technology Workshop & 20+ Tech Tools to use Tomorrow! 

MACUL 2019 - Assistive Technology for All Learners! & Blended Mathematics

MACUL 2019 - Present - MACUL BOARD Learning Delegate: Learning 4 All 

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