©2019 by Adrianne Rose.

I have been a dedicated Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Member since 2013. As a technology advocate, I have attended MACUL for six years and have had the pleasure at presenting at three MACUL events in the two last years.  My presentation sessions have included, Assistive Technology for All Learners, 20+ Tech Tool to use Tomorrow, Blended Math Instruction. Recently I have expanded my MACUL involvement and experience by joining the SIG-INC (Inclusive Learning) organization and contributing to the online MACUL Community as a published author.

MACUL 2017 - MACUL Community Author 

MACUL 2018 - Breaking Barriers -- Assistive Learning for All Students

GoogleFEST 2018 - Assistive Technology Workshop & 20+ Tech Tools to use Tomorrow! 

MACUL 2019 - Assistive Technology for All Learners! & Blended Mathematics